jane 1The Training Centre works with the employer to create a suitable scheme to train and educate students to fit well in their work enviroment. FIG support this by providing funding and certified training requiresd to provide an all round employee.

Information for Employers

"Providing Qualifications and Training for a brighter future"

Does the apprentice have to wait until the 6 month probationary period is completed before signing on?
No. The apprentice agreement can start immediately, but may be cancelled by the employer after the 6 month probationary period if the apprentice fails to reach the required standards.
How do I claim the 50%?
An invoice with the apprentice's hours of work must be presented to the Training Centre at the end of each month. Funds will not be paid until the apprentice has worked the hours.
Can I claim 50% of the apprentice's overtime?
No. The Training Centre will only fund the 7.5hr or 8hr day.
Who sets the hours of work for the apprentice?
The employer can choose for the apprentice to either work a 7.5 hour day or an 8 hour day
Do I have to guarantee the apprentice a job at the end of the apprenticeship?
No. It is up to the employer to decide if they want to offer the apprentice a job once the apprenticeship is finished